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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 25, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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of us were a quarter inch of rain and there is a chance of a thundershower tonight, when i come back i will lay it out for you. more showers in the forecast towards had bay area weekend. see you back here. >> the roads were slick for the afternoon. the chp says they responded to double the number of accidents compared to a normal dry day. >> live look now at the commute. it is beginning to pick up. a live look on 880 in oakland. north bound and are moving well and dry at the moment. this is the view of the 680 freeway in pleasanton. traffic is not looking well. the roads have been slick. ktvu's david stevenson is also watching the storm for us tonight. live at at&t park with how the giants are prepared for tonight's game.
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david? >> reporter: the sun is shining here but the prospect of more rain isn't dampening the enthusiasm of baseball fans though it could make it difficult to get in and out of the city tonight. there were showers but the wet weather added urgency to the day in san francisco. san francisco police told us this collision was one of several today caused by the rain. rain and safety concerns prompted this construction crew to switch up its schedule. >> makes everything difficult. >> rain days. safety concerns. the biggest thing. it does slow down production. >> the san francisco giants said the game against the indians should start as normal. >> we had the tarp on the field. fortunately the park has excellent drainage. we are planning to play tonight. we think the weather will let up.
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>> reporter: the wet weather also promised a slowed down friday commute for drivers. >> traffic is always bad. no one knows how to drive in the rain. >> reporter: some visitors would wait out the rain. >> i am from new york, we had a beautiful day yesterday and a beautiful day tomorrow so today is okay. i will go to the museum and enjoy that. >> reporter: you could see the baseball fans right now line up, many are bundled up anticipating the possibility of a wet game this evening. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> in the east bay heavy rain hit many areas. we caught a steady down pour today. it made for slick roads but police say it didn't result in major accidents. >> in oakland light rain coming down in china town this morning. it appeared lot of folks were
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prepared for today's weather. >> despite the rain california still in a drought and today governor jerry brown issued an order to deal with the conditions. this comes three months after the governor declared a state of emergency. it was meant to fight wildfires wildfires and move more waters to cities struggling with a lack of rain. governor jerry brown said the order cuts red tape to ensure it safety and well bealing of all californians. i call on everyone to conserve watt in every possible way. an 84-year-old man is charged with trying to dill someone. ktvu's mike mibach is live with that as well as with the man was targeting. >> i got my hands on the criminal complaint. attempted pre-meditated murder and we are learning about a possible motive. patient trying to get revenge
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on a former doctor. >> reporter: courtroom 4a, no cameras allowed. inside raymond iwase charged with pre-meditated murder and felony assault with a firearm. >> when you use a gun we don't have patience or leniency for you. >> reporter: it was wednesday when raymond iwase went to this medical center looking to kill his former doctor from a few year's back. the attended victim is dr. wong. he approached the doctor inside the building. >> said to him out loud you gave me a shot and i am still in pain. >> he said the doctor tried to calm him down but seconds later took off running in fear. >> as he turned the corner a gun shot was fired at him. we know that happened. >> reporter: dr. wong was not hit. only one shot was fired and
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today had bullet hole could clearly be scene. police arrested raymond iwase where ammunition was taken into evidence but the murder weapon was never found. >> the only thing he volunteers was that i am an old man. you don't have anything to worry about. >> reporter: the judge pushed back the arraignment allowing raymond iwase to be assigned to an attorney. no bail at this time. dr. wong did not return my message. live, mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. in antioch people are outraged after they woke up to discover 20 cars vandalized. the windows were smashed in. it is estimated there is tens of thousands of dollars in damage. dozens of people are picking up
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the pieces after they were victimized. starting about 1:30 a.m. this morning someone was driving around and smashing windows. most often the vandals used rocks. police say they had reports from 25 people who were victimized with tens of thousands of dollars in damage. >> i don't understand why anyone would do this. it is stupid. ruthless. it is evil. >> if you have information about the vandals you are asked to call police or text in tips to crimes 274637 and use antioch as the first word in the text. in san francisco police are upping paroles after a rash of burglaries. this is one of 10 cars that was broken in to over night. they stole electronic, cash and vehicle registration information. authorities are once again urging drivers to take out any
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valuables when they leave their cars. new information in the peaking trial of sonoma county supervisor efren carrillo. the announcement of a verdict has been delayed till monday. we learned jurors are stuck on the count of peaking and they may agree to attempted peaking. both sides would have to agree. last july efren carrillo peaked into a neighbor's apartment at 3:30 a.m. wearing underwear and socks. efren carrillo testified he was hoping to have sex that night but did not admit to peaking. it appear as fedex truck hit a car and collided into a tour bus before flames erupted in the deadly accident earlier this month. officials released a report into the crash that claimed the lives of 10 people, including 5 high school students. the official finding disputes witness accounts the truck was
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on fire when the thanielle at the -- the fedex truck hit the bus. there are new developments in the san francisco fire department's investigation into its response of asiana airlines flight 214 last month. officials decided to rescind their reprimand of the chief whose camera captured these pictures. the fire department said the camera violated an order against unauthorized filming. his hearing it was determined the department did not have a specific policy. there was an overwhelming turn out for a free clinic today. ktvu's alex savage tells us a lot of people had to be turned away. >> reporter: patients poured in to coliseum this morning
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to be treated by one of the hundreds of doctors and dentists volunteering but not everyone made it inside. 3500 people showed up for help. but more than 2500 were turned away. >> we would love to help everybody. that is very heart wrenching. at least we are able to service those that we were able to get in. >> most people came here for dental services. she had a painful tooth taken wear of. >> although it is free, it is awesome. i can't ask for anymore. i have a lot of friends, same situation. work two jobs. >> reporter: this event is bridges to health and it -- these professors are performing physicals, doing x-rays and providing mental health services. >> trying to provide services
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to those who need. >> been a reliablessing for us. we -- a real blessing for us. >> reporter: the goal is to fill in the gaps for people with little or no health coverage. the event is fist come first serve, that's why so many people started lining up last night. they camped out in the rain till the doors opened at 7:00 a.m. this morning. >> y thank them for -- i thank them for it. i haven't had glasses in 15 years. i have been preparing for job interviews and stuff. that will be a good start for me. i will be able to see then. >> reporter: alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. police say a decoy offer helped them catch two armed robbery suspects. two we mean have been robbed at -- two women have been robbed at gun point. a san francisco millionaire
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was convicted of beating his girlfriend. now the democratic national committee says it doesn't want his money. he pleated guilty to domestic violence battery. today the d.c. said it returned -- democratic national convention said it returned a donation he made this year. he was sentenced to three years probation and 52 in a domestic violence draining program. vicious high school gossip on social media -- what experts say is critical to teaching kids about their on lean activity. >> continuing to munter the latest -- monitor the latest movements of the storm and when 80 degrees will return. >> after the break how some homeowners gave burglars acsis to their home -- access to their home.
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hospital medical errors cost thousands thousands of lives each year. today barbara boxer staff released a report. in february barbara boxer wrote to 300 hospitals asking them to respond with their actions to reduce the most common medical errors. they include adverse drug affects, and falls. all of the helmets that responded report -- hospitals that responded report taking steps to address errors. he says he has clients whose lives changed forever because something that happened to them in a hospital. >> most people think they go to the hospital to get well and when they don't or they get sicker it is devastating because they realize there is no safe place for them. >> the report highlights unique
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approaches some hospitals are taking. you can find a link to that report on our website a neighborhood on the peninsula hit by a string of burglaries and police have few clues it help solve the crimes. ktvu's robert handa with why detectives are having a hard time figuring the cases out. >> here at police headquarters burglars target one community for a period of time but this spike has interesting southwests and turns. -- twists and turns. >> reporter: there have been 10 burgiaries. the latest yesterday. -- burglaries. the latest yesterday. the spike is unsettling since police say it is hard to tell why it is happening now. >> affluent community and why our burglars if you want to call them out, casing the neighborhood. scares me.
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>> police say the way they are conducted hasn't provided men a clues. >> prying open doors. going in through side doors. no way to tell. >> police are checking to see if there is any connection to a arrest -- connection to an arrest made last week. two of the men were identified as suspects in another neighborhood on surveillance video last year. in two break ins they stole garage door openers from unlocked cars. which meant the victims were home at the time. >> if you leave valuables like that, spare house key, there is a potential someone can use it to enter the home. >> he is hiding his garage door opener. >> why dangle a house key from your visor, that is no
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different than the garage door opener. >> reporter: that type of precaution is one of the safety tips police are passing on right now. investigators try to solve this latest spike in crime. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. back 92 the stormy weather. -- back now to the stormy weather. snowplows were out this morning. this one was blue canyon and this video showing the snow near baxter. our chief meteorologist bill martin said the sierra got a foot of snow. we got rain and in some cases hail. people have been posting pictures to facebook and twitter. you can see all the hail there around this gnome. this one showing more of the hail. you can see that they have substantial amount. finally what would storm be
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without a rainbow. a picture showing a beautiful rainbow this afternoon. let's go to bill now. we are at the tail end but the rain is still coming down. >> yeah. on the friday afternoon commute. the sun is out. they will play baseball tonight. but the rain is still falling. let's take a look. live storm tracker 2 fairfield. vacaville, santa rosa right now. you have showers showing up. the showers will be continuing to move through the bay area. let's move south. showers. fairfield starting to dry out. south and east. towards livermore, south of livermore, you have rain falling there, towards the 580. you have wet weather. moving through the area. look in the mountains. it is snowing. we had big strong
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thunderstorms. that area east of sacramento. plenty of thunder and lightning. in the sierra nevada, winter weather advisory till tomorrow morning. i got off the phone with a guy, there is no snow in truckee but a foot on the mountains. over night lows tonight chilly. that is because the cool air is going to be in our area. 39 napa tomorrow morning. it is going to be cold on your day tomorrow. showers are moving up tonight. saturday, right, clouds increase on saturday. good day. saturday night a chance for a sprinkle and by sunday, gets close to us. here we are tonight. tonight at 9:00 p.m. showers moving out. saturday saturday morning, cold. that is of 30s 30s and then through the afternoon hours,
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saturday 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., clouds coming in from the next system that impacts us on sunday. a chance of sprinkles. when i come back i will show you the computer modern for sunday. right now saturday is the best day on the bay area weekend. morning showers possible on sunday and next week, check it out. 87, 89 degrees. temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s. interesting five-day forecast. low snow levels. thunderstorms. and talking about cold over night lows. in a few days temperatures in 87, 90 degrees range. >> cooler and wetter and warmer than we should be. >> today was good. tree pollen, not suffering from allergies. good for the air quality. you will get a lot of greening up this weekend. >> thank you. it is a quit restaurant in the east bay. 7 years ago tomorrow it was the scene of a horrible crime and tonight we talk with the owner
5:21 pm
of the red onion. her husband died in her arms. how she is doing avenue jeers later. >> -- 7 years later. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> a dog was shot during a morning walk. [ indiscernible ] >> i didn't know what to do. i was freaking out. >> what the owner says. >> and a possession this man thought was critical. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event, is ending soon. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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the faa is looking into weather two planes were too close to each other in the air. it happened yesterday afternoon at newark airport in new jersey. faa officials say the loss of separation involved an express jet flight taking off and a united airlines from sfo that was landing. investigators say the problem was reported by the pilot of the express jet flight but the airport at this point is not revealing how close they got. police are set to open a newpletion station funded by facebook. it will e-- new police station funded by facebook. it is set to open tomorrow. it will feature free public wifi and an atm. best women golfers were taking part in the second round
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of swinging skirts lpga classic. fans are excited to have the lpga back in town. >> i think what is exciting is the number of young upcoming players that we have now and the number of local players that are very excellent. >> organizers expect 50,000 fans that tournament this weekend. oakland marked arbor day with a tree planting ceremony today. it is part of a 28 year program focused on tree planting and education. it was the culmination the students learned about the importance of saving trees. >> since california has been cutting a lot of trees like we are trying to conversation, trying to doing conversation and preservation for the trees will be like healthier and grow bigger. >> the students helped plant 11
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trees along the streets. strong lingering showers. tracking the storm as it moves through the bay area. when it dries up and if the rain returns. >> despite the rains new worries today about the drought. why water managers says your water future is in your hands. >> a bay area soldier coming home. tonight he talks about the moment the president gave him a remarkable honor. >> it is the medal of honor. the highest medal you could receive for valor. >> the battle he says still lies ahead. 10 piece meal, and the kicker - free lemon cake. got this [sigh] tonight i am not mom. i am paula. so dad, what does that make you? dad. ♪
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. we are on storm watch tonight after a line of storms passed through the bay area this afternoon in this time lapse video you can see a storm cell there blanketing highway 4 camera with clouds and rain. our team coverage continues. ktvu's john fowler has the reality that the drought is getting worse but we begin with our chief meteorologist bill martin. >> showers on the afternoon commute. heaviest stuff north and east of the area.
5:30 pm
fairfield area, davis, santa rosa, napa area, wet roadways. napa showers winding down. east of vacaville, starting to dry out. and then east of morgan hill, the hills here, by the livermore valley, showers, what is going on, a lot of this stuff is heading up into the foothills. heavy showers. look at this line. this is all current. thunder icons represent thunder strikes. and i know this isn't in our area. strong thunderstorms in the area right now. when i come back, the weekend, where there is a chance for more rain. >> thank you. despite the rain there is new information tonight about the bay area drought. water officials say the snow pack melted dramatically, challenging water supplies for the summer. ktvu's john fowler with what they want us all to do.
5:31 pm
john? >> reporter: experts told me this is a bigger and bigger problem and they are asking all of us stop doing this or at least do it much, much less. >> reporter: today's rain was welcomed but as of noon april brought less than a inch of rain. average is 4 inches. reservoir is 3/4 normal. today's report shows low snow- water content in the seair -- sierra. >> we are concerned. >> reporter: think of sierra snow of as reservoir. much of the lun off is lost. -- run off is lost. they will buy federal river water through the by pass. that is not enough. more conversation is needed. >> the challenge for customers for them to continue through the summer. >> 1.3 million people cut back
5:32 pm
15% the last 5 years. they want to continue another 10% cut and maybe more. >> i don't know how they want us to do that. everyone needs to cut back. water level is low. >> reporter: some blame agencies for being unprepared. we need more dams and reservoirs. >> so many times they are behind it ball on things. >> we don't know how long the drought will last. lots of questions. we are trying to make sure we have enough water for next year. >> reporter: they want homeowners to get used to saving shower water and switch to low flow devices. the uncertain water supply they motmeet demand. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> on we dedicated a section to california's drought. you can see the reports on the
5:33 pm
impact it is having for users, farmers and reservoir levels. two robbers considered armed and dangerous are still on the loose this evening affholding -- after holding up two sev 11lers -- 7-elevens this morning. the first happened at 4:30 a.m. and then police believe they robbed a 7-eleven a half mile away. police immediately set up a perimeter around the neighborhood as they search door to door for the robbers. and one resident surveillance camera caught this image of a person who police believe is one of the robbers. >> my dad was going to go after them. he was about to open the door. >> police lifted the lock down several hours later and while they did want find the robbers they found clothes on a fence where they were hiding. new at 5:00 p.m.
5:34 pm
right under the b.a.r.t. tracks is a restaurant that was the scene of a horrible crime. that it is even open today is a testament to the owner. armed robbers shot and killed her husband inside the store 7 years ago tomorrow. >> this is what the red onions had been known for, hamburgers the way they used to be made. that family was ripped apart april 26, 2007. [ indiscernible ] >> die in my arms. >> she told me about the night armed robbers took over the restaurant at closing time. forced workers to open the safe and shot and killed her husband. >> we did all that they demand. somehow they feel, you know,
5:35 pm
killing him. >> reporter: i spoke with the police about the killing. they would only say it is an open investigation. her husband is gone but she not alone. >> the family comes to our christmas party every year. they are part of our family. >> reporter: he worked in richmond. they mark every anniversary of his death as they did today by shutting down had shop and coming to the red onion for lunch. >> living the american dream, that was hem. >> reporter: they raised tens of thousands of dollars for the family and a reward find find the killers. so far -- fund to find the killers. so far it is unclaimed. every time i have been to the red onion since i reported on that night she has been there working. she says she carrying on the business her husband died trying to protect. >> you want red onions, of
5:36 pm
course, in everything. >> she is a grandmother now and hoping to open a second location. the indian tribe reached an agreement with wildlife official whose released condors into the wild. they were once nearing extinction but they have been making a come back. there were only 22 in 1982. now there are more than 400. with 230 in the wild. the tribe will hold meetings in july to determine the time and place of the releases. one goes down, others crop up. the game police are playing with social media sites and why the online attacks are hard to fight. >> the highest medal, a soldier describes the moment he receives the model of honor and a girl stabbed the day of her
5:37 pm
high school prom. the theory her classmates have about why the suspect did it.
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5:39 pm
a 16-year-old girl stabbed to death at her high school. a classmate is in custody and police are looking into whether the attack was over prom. it happened in connecticut this
5:40 pm
morning. students said the victim maren sanchez refused to be the girl's date to the prom. maren sanchez was class president and a member of the key club. the prom has been postponed. the department of education is working on a new way to train teachers. >> every child deserves a highly effective child and each teacher deserves highly effective training. >> they announced an initiative to score teacher education programs by how many graduates go on to teach and whether they improve the test scores of students. 62% of new teachers report they graduated from school unprepared for the classroom. >> hands on practical experience teaching children. not enough teaching. >> the obama administration
5:41 pm
plans to provide $100 million a year in federal congratulates to the programs that score the high -- grants to the programs that score the highest. news chopper 2 is heading to the scene of a very bad accident. we hope to have pictures live coming up next. >> plus the way to connect but it is becoming a way to attack. >> it is so much easier to push a button and say something mean about somebody. >> a attack on social media many more than one have more children terrified. >> he fought off 300 enemy fighters and a decorated soldier. but his toughest fight was off the battle field. >> tracking showers. when i come back we will talk about what is to come tonight and this weekend. umbrellas may have to come out. we will have the details. [doorbell rings]
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♪ mattress discounters breaking news in the east bay. the chp and parks police are working. you can see here a major injury accident in contra costa county. it is a three vehicle accident and news chopper 2 is doing a good job of showing us the wreckage. it happened near the recreation area and east of wild cat
5:45 pm
canyon. one person is being life flighted away from the scene. a helicopter will land on the land to take the person out to receive the treatment they need. san pablo dam road will be tied up. you see here it is the only major road through there. avoid it because this accident scene was just called in and it is nowhere near being cleared up. it was a twitter page created for the simple purpose of making fun of children. >> laura: told you about it last -- ktvu channel 2 news told you about it last month. then more pictures popped up with the sole purpose of making children feel bad about themselves. ktvu's claudine wong has the efforts to stop them. >> the name of the twitter page was ghetto gossip g. a
5:46 pm
burn book. the post were graphic and apeer to beechen -- appear to be children targeting other children. >> one of the most important issues is anonymity. so easy to say something mean about somebody than for me to look you in the eye and say it to you. >> reporter: after our original story last month on this twitter page, parents and kids contacted ktvu. many parents didn't want their children to know they reached out to us and many children were discouraged by their children from speaking out. she was targeted and said i don't think anyone can say that being targeted on ghetto gossip g didn't effect them. even if the post was a lie it is still going to hurt. it sucks to know there are people that hate you so much
5:47 pm
they feel like they need to say mean things for no reason. she is not alone. half of kids have been bullied online. half having engaged in cyber bullying. 1-10 had photos taken of themselves without permission. more than half don't tell their parents and 1-5 report it to law enforcement. >> kids are apprehensive to come forward because of mechanisms not being in place where they feel they could do so in a safe environment. >> how do you stop it? >> reporter: we contacted all of the cities and perhaps most immediate response came from the city of bonesia. they got twitter to take the page down and identified the children behind it posts. >> we are a community. we are part of the same team. we want to appeal to students'
5:48 pm
better nature. and then to say there is consequences. >> reporter: they hold seminars and police say dids don't realize -- kids don't realize how much trouble they could get into. >> charges could be filed. >> reporter: the biggest impact comes from the community. after they came down other pages popped up but now people are watching and far fewer people follow. and then a page devoted to fighting negative tweets with positive ones and saints saying get on twitter -- parents saying get on twitter and keep an eye on our teens. they put a new one up, we knock it down every time. it is our job as parents. >> hard to have a conversation where your skid the expert -- where kid is the expert. much of this behavior has been
5:49 pm
going on for years. >> reporter: it is critical to teach kids about their digital foot print. it was taken down but every post still exists on the internet. they could be there forever. and as a reminder to think before you post. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. we have been tracking wet weather all day today. now to our chief meteorologist bill martin. this is not the end of it. >> there is more on the way. and there is more out there. most of the activity now is showing up in the lake tahoe area, wint storm watch. -- winter storm watch. clear lake, santa rosa, light showers. petaluma as well. you see it in this area. to the east, you can see you have stuff going on here. showers in antioch. those showers taperer down. things winding down. the valley, san jose, going on. we back up.
5:50 pm
like i say you can see all the activity. the activity is up here. moving up into the sierra nevada. the system is clearing its way out. there is one that will have an impact on us saturday night, sunday. it will be cold tonight. clouds clear. cold air dropping snow down to 4,000 feet, settling in the area and that produces temperatures over night to 39 degrees in the north bay. some areas cooler than that. a cold start to your saturday morning. feels like early march than almost may. the forecast for san jose tomorrow. starts off cold in the morning. downtown san jose in the morning 40s in parts. chill a out there. the cute model at midnight -- computer model at midnight, clearing. cool. saturday morning, more clearing. very cold.
5:51 pm
few clouds coming in. sunday. watch what it does. saturday is good, right? sunday morning 1:00 a.m. right? i am in bed. sunday could be good. right now the plan is sunday 1:00 a.m., 2:00 a.m., 3:00 a.m., 4:00 a.m., could sprinkle. sunday look goods. maybe more sunshine than we see on saturday. highs tomorrow. mid-60s. they got to come up. they dropped 15 degrees today. tomorrow back into the mid-60s. nice. mild. 65 morgan hill. saturday night, clouds come in. sunday morning, in this area. when we are sleeping, right? look at the warm up here. the tail of -- two five days. 90 degrees on tuesday. high weather. warm weather. hot weather. warm weather. we will talk about on the five- day forecast talking about 5
5:52 pm
danger when you get temperatures into the low 90s. good news, rain is good. bad on the commute but good. >> what a difference. >> crazy. weird looking 5 day. >> thank you. he fought off hungs of attackers but that was -- hundred dollars of attackers but that was just half the fight, the steps he is taking and the moment the president awarded him the medal of honor. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> a dog was shocked by something you may walk over every day. >> he was dying. starting to pass. >> why pg&e is getting the blame and the quick action that saved the dog and burglars audit in the act and chased down. the item so important that prompted the man to get it back. >> i was going to catch him. >> these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m. female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event
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there has been a discovery on the sunken ferry in south korea. divers founds the bodies of dozens of girls all wearing life vests. 48 girls were all found in one cabin today. 35-100 rooms have been
5:56 pm
searched. president obama is in south korea on a trip and today he offered condolences. >> i am a father of two daughters. of the same anal or close to the same age as those who were lost. so i can only imagine what the parents are going through at this point. the incredible heart ache. >> rescuers removed 185 bodies from the ship. 117 other are still missing. a soldier who risked his life to save others is back home tonight. he received high hoppers for his heroism -- honors for his heroism. ktvu's he talked to rob roth about the struggles he and others still face. >> reporter: a welcome befitting a hero. he visited his father's home in
5:57 pm
antioch today with dozens of veterans there to greet him. he spent much of his boyhood in oakley was wearing few people ever earned. >> the medal of honor. the highest medal you could receive. >> reporter: when president obama presented him with the medal of honor he said he accepted on behalf of his army unit and their families. he was deck raided for bravery for a battle in afghanistan 5 years ago. this is video. the army says he ran through bullets to supply american fighters with ammunition and risked his life to save a soldier. >> fear of failing them was far greater than fear for personal
5:58 pm
injury or death. i just ran. >> reporter: when the shooting stop his battle didn't end. he suffered post traumatic stress. >> you see the bad things more than the good things. there are still good and bad things around you. focus on the good snips talking to people will help you -- things and talking to people will help you. . >> reporter: what does his father think of his boy? >> i -- you can't -- i wish this feeling on any father. any parent. >> reporter: the military will not be sending him back into harm's way but he will continue to fight for veterans here at home.
5:59 pm
rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. now at 6:00 p.m. a morning walk takes an unusual turn. when a woman's dog gets shocked over walking over a pg&e metal plate. >> despite today's rain the drought is still a reality. the new things governor jerry brown wants you to stop doing to save water. >> he came home to a broken door and a ran sacked house and then he spotted the men who broke into his place. >> the one thing they got away with that prompted this man to ran after them. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. a regular morning walk ended for this dog. he was shocked while walking over a pg&e access box in the ground and ended up having to be taken to the vet. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener.
6:00 pm
>> an unusual story. ktvu's cristina cristina rendon found out the reason the dog was more vulnerable than his owner. >> reporter: we wouldn't have felt a thing because of our shoes but a dog's paws were the exception. >> reporter: she starts her days with a morning walk on the days of oakland with her dogs. she never shot about what they stepped on till her dog put his paws on this metal great friday morning. >> the thought of him being alick rucuted didn't come to me. . >> i didn't know what to do. >> reporter: he came running out of a building. >> sounded horrible. sounded like a dog was being tortured. >> reporter: he was zapped. >> i grabbed his neck,


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